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Become the Love Machine: Secrets to Achieving Ultimate Orgasmic Delight

In this new post by the Sydney Escort Girls, they will share their secrets about how do they give beyond cloud nine experience to their clients. We know that aside from the company that their clients enjoy with them, the privacy of sharing intimate moments also matter.

When it comes to sex life, what makes it more pleasurable and worth remembering is how partners achieve pleasure and have been satisfied through orgasms. Of course, who wouldn’t want to become winners on achieving ultimate screaming, teeth gnashing, mind blowing orgasm? We all do, right? Therefore, below are secret tips on how to enjoy orgasmic delight that can satiate your sexual appetite.

It only takes 12 steps for the man and woman to achieve the “Big O”.

1. Choose the right position that will make both of you comfortable.

You don’t want to get a back strain or any problem right as you and your partner are striding in the rhythm…most especially if both of you are into hardcore.

2. Forget about anything and make your mind focus in the moment and what you are doing.

Anyone can ruin one’s orgasm and it is a fact that why people do fake orgasms is because they are not relaxed and they have a lot of worries in their minds. There are times that your partner might notice that you are faking it or not enjoying it beware- this can ruin your relationship as well.

So beforehand, why don’t you please each other with good snacks or meal and talk about stuff? Give each other a massage to lighten up the mood with sensually titillating music.

3. Deep breathing exercises.

This helps you relax and ease the tensions.

4. Move in rhythm with your partner.

5. Converse in a sexy dirty talk.

You might want to tease your partner by doing a dirty talk. You can even whisper on each other’s ears while nibbling non-stop.

6. Stimulate each other’s erotic parts.

Our body is marvellous and there are erogenous zones wherein you can enjoy discover complete arousal and satisfaction (breast, glans penis, earlobes, scrotum) from your partner.

7. Give light and teasing strokes on the skin.

8. Fantasise.

9. Give a whimpering moan or a loud one.

This is oh so good to the ears of your lover. This means that you love everything he or she does to you.

10. Pleasure each other orally.

Why don’t you give him a blow or dine on her Y? Men and women do love receiving oral pleasure. So, make use of your mouth and tongue and make your partner’s mind go haywire.

11. Witness each other masturbate.

It’s sexually arousing seeing your partner teasing and doing things to themselves. Who can ever resist it, right?

12. Give everything and enjoy it to the fullest.

With these 12 secrets, surely you will have great sex memoirs to relive.

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